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Hey there! Today we are going to present you one of the best working hacks for Toram Online! This simple tool will allow you to get big amounts of Orbs totally for free! Tired of getting banned for using hacks? Meet new Toram Online hack with anti-ban technology!


Toram Online hack

If you play Toram Online this hack is something you need to try out. Generator can generate up to 150 Orbs. Why only 150? Because if we increase this amount, Toram Online developers surely will find out that something is wrong with their game. Let’s assume that we increased amount of Orbs that you can generate to 9999. Now imagine that 1000 people generate 9999 Orbs at the same time. Toram Online authors will notice this very fast and release the patch which blocks using our hack. You don’t need to pay for it or complete surveys. However sometimes we may ask you for manual verification to confirm that you’re a real human not a BOT.  


How to use Toram Online hack?

Press that big green button placed between paragraphs. It will take you to the external Orbs generator site. You can locate it at the top and bottom of this page.  As you are already on the site select the amount of Orbs you want to get and then click “Generate”. Next enter your Toram Online name, choose your platform and turn on proxy if you want to. Turning on proxy hides injecting scripts to Toram Online files what allows you to stay safe and decrease chance of getting banned. Press “Generate” and wait until you get Orbs.

It’s recommended to use Orbs generator on your smartphone rather than on computer.

Important! You are able to generate Orbs only once so choose the amount wisely. Your IP will be added to our database and after that you can’t generate Orbs again. (Until the database is cleared.)


Why is it cool to use Toram Online hack?

Who wouldn’t want to have free resources in the game like Toram Online? Everyone would! This online generator brings you the easiest way to get Orbs. You don’t need to spend money on Orbs anymore. Just use our generator and choose your desired quantity.  Orbs will be sent to your Toram Online account as fast as possible. It’s one of the best existing hacks that you can find on the Internet. This hack automatically connects with your device what makes everything very simple and fast.

Proxy support
The hack uses proxy support to make you invisible to Toram Online developers anti-hack scripts.

The Speed
Orbs are delivered to your account as fast as possible.

Systematically updated
Games developers sometimes may introduce protection against hacks. That’s why we often update our hacks.

Anti ban
Based on additional scripts, this online generator offers you maximum protection level.


In conclusion

You’re able to generate from 30 to 150 Orbs. This hack can be used on every device with iOS or Android operating system. Using this tool will make your gameplay more comfortable.

Thank you for using our hack! Enjoy!


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  1. this is actually the only working hack on the internet I guess :p

  2. from all websites ive been on this is the first and probably the only one which really gives you the free orbs

  3. you can rly get orbs here if you dont mess up with the verification part

  4. funny that it really works and only few people know about it xD

  5. This hack made me do a verification that had me install two apps to get the orbs. After doing that and waiting like 5 minutes I’ve noticed 150 extra orbs in my toram account, and I’m so happy now :))) I also tried to generate orbs once again but it didn’t allow me to do that. anyway I’m really happy that it worked 😀

  6. you’re able to generate orbs only once but it works!! haha I can’t believe. I hope they won’t ban me

  7. thanks man really appreciate it. I’ve earned 150 free orbs 😀

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