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Hello again! Today we’re going to show you Growtopia Hack and how to use it. With this tool you can get huge amounts of Gems totally for free! Enjoy!


What is Growtopia?

Growtopia is one of the most popular mobile games. It’s 2D MMO platformer where you can build, craft with other players from around the world.

What are Gems used for and how can you obtain them?

Gems are the currency for Growtopia. Gems can be spent on items avaible in the Growtopia Store such as locks, item packs etc. There is a few ways to obtain gems in Growtopia. The easiest way is just buying them in the Growtopia Store for real money. Another method is farming – we can obtain gems by breaking the blocks or harvesting trees – that’s really cool element of gameplay.
There is one more, the funniest method to get Gems – using our hack. You don’t need to spend your real money or putting a lot of effort anymore. The only thing you need is your GrowID so if you haven’t created your GrowID yet, do it now, otherwise we won’t be able to send Gems to your account.

How can you get lots of free Gems in Growtopia?

You can obtain a lot of Gems by using our Growtopia hack. Just follow the instruction below:

  1. Tap on the big green button saying “Growtopia hack”. You can find it at the top or bottom of this page. This will redirect you to the Gems generator page.
  2. Choose amount of Gems that will satisfy you and press “Generate”.
  3. Enter your nickname and choose the platform then press “Continue”.
  4. Boom! Now our script is generating Gems that will be sent to your account. It will take just a moment.

As always we ask you to turn on proxy to decrease chances of getting banned.
Important! You are able to generate Gems only once so choose the amount wisely. Your IP will be added to our database and after that you can’t generate Gems again. (Until the database is cleared.)


Adventages of using Growtopia hack

What’s the most important – this hack is really safe. The only thing you have to do is turn on proxy while generating gems. Growtopia hack uses self-made script which replaces database files responsible for amount of Gems on your account so you can be sure that Gems will be sent to your account.
This tool was tested on different accounts and we’re 100% sure that it works on every device and every platform.

Thank you for using our hack! Hope we will see you again 🙂



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